Economic sense and Economic nonsense analysis is based purely on “positive economics”, not opinions, moral or emotional judgments.

The aim of this blog is to analyse the cause-and-effects of economic behavior  and not involve value judgements.  The concern is for the economics of “what is”, as opposed to “what ought to be”.

Economic sense, what this blog is concerned with, often disappears when decisions makers move from the private to the public sector. These decision makers make decisions with other people’s money and cater to special interests, thereby negating the overall cost and benefit equation for society.

Economic logic and economic sense take into account the consequences of the central laws in economics, which, like the laws of gravity are forces of nature. These are relentless and merciless.

Countering economic nonsense will only be successful if the general population is informed and educated on the consequences of those who wish to sell their self interests to the general public.

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