Expo sets new records

EXPO 2010 has made history and set new standards for World Expos, the top official of the governing body of World Expos said yesterday. 

“You have achieved new records: a record number of participants, a record number of visitors, and you have built the largest site ever,” Vicente Loscertales, secretary general of the International Expositions Bureau, said on China’s National Pavilion Day.

Loscertales said the overwhelming success of Expo 2010 would inspire future hosts of World Expos.

“In this sense, Expo Shanghai 2010 is possibly the largest operation in Expo history,” he said.

A flag-raising ceremony was held at the South Square in front of the China Pavilion at 8am.

Some new cultural performances had been prepared for the day-long festival featuring traditional drumming, Peking Opera and puppet shows.

All visitors received a pavilion badge and a postcard specially designed for the day.

He Jingtang, chief architect of the pavilion, said he walked around the structure several times yesterday to look at the many visitors lining up to enter the pavilion.

“I especially chose underwear with the China Pavilion logo today to express my happiness,” the 72-year-old architect said.

The China Pavilion, one of the structures that will remain after the Expo ends on October 31, is one of the most popular.

Since 35,000 people visited on May 1 when the Expo opened, the pavilion has received more than 7.5 million visitors, or an average of 52,000 a day.

Wang Jing, an engineer from Jilin Province, said he had been waiting at the Expo entrance since 3am to get a ticket to the China Pavilion.

“I chose National Day to visit the Expo and I told myself that I must visit the China Pavilion,” he said.

Hank Welch, from Atlanta in the United States, also visited especially for National Day.

He had brought his wife and two daughters to the China Pavilion to experience the festival atmosphere.

At a square near the Denmark Pavilion in Zone C, many visitors asked the three artists there to use bright colors to draw China Pavilion logos and Expo mascot Haibao on their faces.

Read more: http://www.shanghaidaily.com/article/?id=450837&type=Metro#ixzz11KBeEaTK

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