Meet the faculty


Professor John Bennett, Ph.D.

Dr John BennettArea of expertise:Organizational Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Behavior, Management, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Management, Strategy

Teaching expertise: On-line expert level professor in Organizational Leadership, Organizational Development, Entrepreneurship, Small Business Management, Management, Systems Redesign and Engineering, Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Education:B.S. in Professional Studies, majors: Organizational Behavior, Criminal Justice and Forensic Science, Military Science and Leadership, Duquesne University.M.S. in Leadership, major: Community Leadership, Duquesne University C.A.G.S. in Leadership, Regent University Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership, major: Entrepreneurial Leadership, Regent University


Fellowship in Health Services Research; Operations Management and Systems Engineering. Office of Systems Redesign and Veteran’s Engineering Resource Center (OSR&VERC),and Center For Health Equity Research and Promotion (CHERP).Fellowship in Public Health Assessment& Program Evaluation,U.S. Army Institute of Public Health(AIPH). Fellowship in Entrepreneurship Research, Regent University Center for Entrepreneurship (RCE)


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